What’s in your water?

Alkaline vs Alkalized

What is the difference?

The alkaline property of water is by far one of the most confusing and debated topics in the health and wellness communities. Some of the most popular health experts don’t fully understand it and even say that alkaline water is not healthy and that’s not entirely true until you start to understanding the difference between alkaline and alkalized water. The water can appear alkaline in two ways: through adding chemicals or through adding more electricity. One is artificial and the other is natural. 

One of the easiest things to make is alkaline water. All you have to do is take tap water and throw some baking soda in it. In fact, most of the alkaline bottled water manufacturers add bicarbonate (baking soda) to make their water stay alkaline for months. They also add calcium, magnesium and sodium to make the water more alkaline. This type of alkaline water is neither natural nor beneficial and can even be harmful. An overconsumption of those inorganic minerals can lead to deposits like gallstones and kidney stones. Nature does not dump minerals into the water to make it more alkaline. In nature minerals that are beneficial are “organic”, meaning that they have an ionic charge, such as minerals in fresh fruits and vegetables. That’s why alkalized water is so beneficial because the minerals in it are ionic and therefore can be utilized by the body. These minerals are not added. They are already in tap water. The ionizer takes tap water, filters it and adds in an ionic charge to bring the water a back to it healthy original state just like nature intended. In addition to ionic minerals, alkalized water also contains a large amount of antioxidants in the form of electrons and it also provides superior hydration through a smaller structure of water clusters, which break apart during ionization. This is why alkalized water is referred to as ‘living water’ and all bottled and tap water is referred to as ‘dead water’.

Alkalized water goes through the process of electrolysis. Making the water more alkaline through electricity is as natural as lightning or a waterfall. In nature when energy goes through the water, it changes the properties of that water from dead water to Living Water. In a home setting we put electricity through the water to recreate those properties through an ionizing device that uses platinum and titanium plates to charge the water and create hydrogen gas. This high amount of active hydrogen is what makes the water Alkalized, not the added minerals. However some cheaper ionizers add minerals through their filters to make the water more alkaline artificially. This can be difficult to detect that’s why we lean on third-party testing and reputable certification programs.

pH stands for potential hydrogen. When we increase the dissolved hydrogen through electrolysis, it makes the water Alkalized. This in turn has an alkalizing effect on the body and creates more alkaline buffers in the blood and tissues, helping the body to neutralize acidity from stress, pollution and cooked processed foods. Alkalizing the body slows down the aging process because it is in line with a healthy lifestyle.

Our blood is supposed to be at 7.365 pH slightly alkaline. When we eat or drink acid, such as cooked foods and acidic bottled waters or alcohol, the body must use alkaline buffers (calcium, magnesium, potassium) from our muscles and bones to keep the blood neutral. This leads to bone density issues and increased acidity in the body. Over time these buffers get used up drastically and we start to show signs of aging like wrinkles, lack of flexibility, loss of memory, low energy, lower immune system, digestive problems, inflammation, etc. Almost every disease is associated with inflammation which is caused by toxins and acid overload. The worst of them is Cancer, which thrives in an acidic environment – Dr. Otto Warburg.

In alkalizing the body it’s important to select the highest quality ionizing system because of the dangerous health risks of mass-produced cheaper ionizers. Since platinum and titanium are the metals used to conduct electricity into the water, you want to make sure that the quality and purity of those metals is beyond reproach. Otherwise there is potential to leach heavy metals into the water.  We produce the highest quality water ionizer in the industry for over 45 years. We are the only original manufacturer of water ionizers with a tight quality control from start to finish. Also we are the only ionizer company to have the WQA (Water Quality Association) seal of approval. That’s why only our water is used by the most reputable doctors and health practitioners. 

What’s in your water?

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